We raised the bar for child care in Haiti

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Brit's last wish was to build an orphanage in Haiti; our vision is to raise the next generation of leaders in Haiti. By raising the standard & providing our children with 1st world resources, ethics & morals, we're on track to helping Haiti within.


Our children go to school locally but also have access to four on-site professional teachers and use ABCMouse.com teaching software. Additionally, public and private universities located in the United States have donated scholarships to the children of Brit's Home in Haiti.


Healthcare is not a right in Haiti. However, there are unbelievable non-profits and for-profit organizations that help with caring for the people and children in Haiti. We utilize tele-medicine in our 1,500 square foot clinic where nurses and doctors have visit Brit's Home to serve our children & community.

Global Economy

In order to help Haiti, it must come from within. Without a doubt, we live in a time were business transactions can happen anywhere in the world with anyone. Why not bring US paying jobs to Haiti via computer communications?


Brit's home is equipped with 100 solar panels, 70 batteries, 110,000 gallon cistern, gravity water pressure, 3 acres of micro-farm, and a natural irrigation system. The actual structure of the "B" shaped building has the same systemic standards as San Francisco.

What is Be Like Brit?

Our mission is to continue the compassion of Britney Gengel by serving the children of Haiti through sustaining a safe, nurturing home rooted in the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love while developing a sense of social responsibility, community involvement and unconditional love. We are raising the next generation of leaders in Haiti!!!