Events to Benefit Be Like Brit Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraising event to benefit Be Like Brit! We are extremely grateful to all of
those who wish to organize an event in support of our mission, but ask that supporters follow the guidelines below
when putting together their event.
All events should be approved through the Development Office at Be Like Brit. You can reach Alycia Kinney,
Director of Development at (508) 886-4500 or
Permission to use BLB’s logo and/or name is granted through the Development Office͘ This includes:
-use of the logo/BLB name on signs, banners, publications, literature or other printed materials
-the Development Office must approve all promotional materials, use of logo, advertising, letters, invitations,
brochures, flyers, press releases and any other publication using our name/logo prior to production and
-Be Like Brit should only be identified as the beneficiary of the event. In other words, events can not be called
“the Be Like Brit Annual Wine Dinner”͘ Instead, the event should be called “Wine Dinner to benefit the Be Like
Brit Foundation”
Be Like Brit is not financially liable for the promotion or execution of special events
Organizers of events on behalf of BLB must provide insurance certificates for the events when necessary.
BLB will be not be held responsible for any casualties or situations that occur at your event
4. Receipting and Tax-Deductibility of Charitable Donations
-Check donations should be made payable to “Be Like Brit”
-All donations made payable to and received by Be Like Brit will receive official receipt of their donations
through the Be Like Brit office
-Be Like Brit can only accept a maximum CASH donation of $100. Any gift over $100 should be payable by check
or credit card
-If donations are deposited into a separate account and then donated in a single donation to Be Like Brit, only
the individual from whom the single donation came from (i.e. the name on the check or online donation) will
receive the tax benefits of the donation. In this circumstance, donors should be made aware that their gift will
not be acknowledged as a tax-deductible donation by BLB.
We cannot fund expenses or sponsorships, provide our stationery, our mailing lists or email lists, advertising on our
social media outlets and we cannot provide support staff.
We are happy to help you by offering our advice and expertise on event planning as well as brochures or newsletters for
distribution at your event.
Thank you for your consideration in organizing a special event to benefit Be Like Brit. Please contact Alycia Kinney,
Director of Development at (508) 886-4500 or with further questions or to approve your idea